Featured Products


Tri-Flow is our lock lube of choice, it is especially helpful throughout the year. Tri-Flow leaves a film of P.T.F.E. on all moving parts within the lock providing a long lasting lubrication to reduce wear. For a data sheet, click here.

We are so pleased with how this product performs that we not only stock it for sale, we use it as our primary lock lubricant in the shop and in our service vans.


Reed's Locksmithing stocks and recommends American Padlocks without hesitation. Due to the re-keyable nature of these locks, we are able to provide you with any quantity of padlocks in many different sizes all keyed alike. American has a well deserved reputation for strength and durability. Their solid steel padlock is distinctly heftier than your typical laminated padlock.

We are also able to provide you with American padlocks which can be keyed to match your home or business key.